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The petroleum industry uses Reforming as a primary process for quality improvement to meet final fuel specifications as well as hydrogen and LPG production for many intermediate processing units. This course is a 5 module course and covers the core elements of Reforming technology. 

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Key variables that affect product yields and properties are described and their impact on the optimisation of the unit operation discussed. A framework is presented for troubleshooting operating problems and, throughout this discussion, participants are encouraged to describe their specific challenges.

The scope of the course includes the core of most Reforming problems and attempts to cover solutions useful to design and operating engineers. Concerns associated with processing for clean fuels are covered. This course will provide an overview of the diverse nature of the Reforming processes, depending on the feedstocks used, products made and the environmental issues. It will address process integration issues, which are vital for economic viability.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants will have gained a solid understanding of the key elements associated with the design, operation and troubleshooting of
Reforming Units. This will include:

  • The impact of feed quality, catalyst, operating conditions and unit design on product qualities.
  • An insight into factors affecting catalyst activity and run lengths.
  • The importance of Reformer operations in the economic optimisation of the refinery Mogas pool.
  • How to optimise, debottleneck and troubleshoot their Reforming Units.
Who Should Attend

ERS Reforming is a comprehensive core skills course for professionals dealing with all aspects of the Reforming Units.

The course will be highly valuable to all engineers involved in the operation and design of Reforming facilities.

Additionally, the course will be useful to any technical personnel wishing to gain a perspective of how the Reformer fits into the operation of a complete refining plant.

Those who are experienced in other fields and seek a review of the fundamentals of Reforming will also find this course most beneficial.

Course Presenter

Lee Bamon is a Consultant for an International catalyst manufacturing company, with over 40 years experience in a wide range of chemical, refinery and petrochemical
processes. He has worked for various companies including Dow Corning, Exxon and Stone & Webster, on the commissioning of units, including fluidised bed reactors, Cryogenic LNG plants and Ethylene Crackers.

With Engelhard (now BASF) as Technical Manager, he supervised the commissioning and troubleshooting of all the licensed processes for the company, covering Catalytic Reforming, C5 and C6 isomerisation, oxidation and hydroprocessing operations, worldwide.

When he became Senior Sales Manager for the same company, his expertise extended to include FCC catalysis. For a number of years, his work as a Consultant has been in the FCC, Catalytic Reforming areas, as well as an advisor for the Insurance Industry.

Lee attended the University of Wales, where he gained a C & G in Chemical Operations and Engineering.


£1,500.00 +VAT

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