Eurotek Refining Services has particular expertise in the area of FCC Technology. Services range from:


Problems ranging from yield performance deterioration to circulation and cat loss may benefit from a helping hand. Unit operating problems can cause significant stress to refinery personnel and economic damage to refinery performance.

Eurotek seek to support the refinery in developing a systematic plan for identifying the most likely cause and hence best solution to operating problems.

Process Studies

A fresh set of eyes together with a wealth of experience can often help identify new profit improvement opportunities. Eurotek also have the tools to help the refiner to economically assess his own ideas with more confidence and precision.

Specialising in refinery Fuel Oil Reduction strategy, Eurotek have had significant success in helping customers to improve their operating strategy leading to significant margin improvement. With a small screening study costing around $30k the payback can be weeks rather than years.

Eurotek also aim to employ a sensitive and cooperative approach in the work, recognising the difficulties and constraints acting on refinery personnel. This has been valued by existing customers and has resulted in higher implementation rates.

Technology Assessment

Other than the FCC Process Modelling tool ‘FCCTek’, Eurotek does not license any of its own FCC Technology hardware. As an independent technology company it is therefore well positioned to assist in assessment and selection of Licenser technology.

This can vary from assessing optimum technology solutions at project screening stage to working as owners engineer with the licenser to ensure optimum design and installation. Customers have found it helpful to have a knowledgeable expert available to support them in their discussions and negotiations with licensers.